This working man is the suited rebel behind M•O•D . Robert Esterajher thinks that every man should own a suite and to help a brother out; he offers quality suits for an affordable price. He even adds a bit of stretch to the fabric, so the suits are more comfortable to wear. Get to know more about the brand and the man who run half marathons in suits…


Who are you designing for?
My main target group is guys who want’s to look sharp and don’t necessarily want’s to pay a fortune for a good suit. And regarding the age, there are a big spread, as I always says; styles dosen’t have any age. It’s all about the attitude.

Why suits?
Every guy need a good suit. It’s one of the most classic pieces in a man’s wardrobe. And then there are no season for my suits, so im able to sell the same product all year around. In this way I don’t need any traditional sale, and thats good for the business.

What is M•O•D’s strongest qualities?
We combine high-end service, with low-end prices, and deliver a sharp and elegant look.

Describe the man you see wearing your brand
He does not care about which label he’s wearing, but more focused at the total look. He cares about details and like to stand out in a very simple way.

Four guidelines for buying a suit, according to you?
1. The fit is absolutely the most important part
2. The colour also plays a big role.  If you for example have blond hair or dark skin makes a different when choosing a colour that suits you.
3. The fabric needs to be sa material that you feel commutable wearing.
4. Go for a modern style, this will look good for a longer time.

Which other brands would look good combined with M•O•D?
Personally I’m a huge fan of accessories and simple jewellery, this is why I sell rings from the Danish brand Bobby Janco. And of course – a pair of cool glasses works perfect with a suit.

Which 90’s superstar would wear your brand?
Many! Don’t know were to start… Haha.

If you had not become a designer, what would you be?
I would probably still have been working in the business; either within sourcing and production, or within sales and marketing. On the contrary; I have always been interested in how the human body works and personally been really physical active. Therefor I think that working with the human body and neutrino could have been another direction my life could have turned.

How does your profession affect your way of dressing?
Luckily I feel really comfortable  wearing my suits. I even run half marathons in my suits, so I must say it has a big affect of how I’m dressing.

Happy New Year 🎉🕴 Last run in 2016, in @modcph suit off cause😬. 10 km in 39.46 min 👍🏻 See you next year 😘

Et opslag delt af Robert Esterajher ® (@esterajher) den

If you could pick any man in the whole world, who would you like to represent M.O.D?
It’s always a huge compliment when others in the business praise you. So if Karl Lagerfeld told me that he admired my suits and concept, I would be a bit proud. Haha. And to see one of the fathers in the MOD culture in a M•O•D suite, would have an insane marketing value.

Who’s your muse and why?
Guys that are themselves and authentic, inspires my. Often, my inspiration comes from the past, like musician from the late 50th and early 60th. They were fucking cool! The guys from the Danish garage band THE YOUTH are always inspiring to follow or look at.

Which brands besides your own do you usually wear?
I like to wear vintage – it goes perfect with the suit. My basic wardrobe, is mostly from Uniqlo and H&M. Working so my years in the business have made it difficult for me to pay too much for other clothing brands.

How do you drink your coffee?
I don’t drink coffee.

Your signature drink/cocktail?
I’m a sucker for all that’s sweet. Everything with a good, reserve, dark rum and lime works for me.

How do you eat your steak?
Can’t remember last time when I had a steak. I rather have a salad so I can have two desserts and a huge cocktail. USA