Do you wish to:

  • CHANGE your style and the way you dress?

  • BUILD a solid classic wardrobe that lasts for years?

  • ADD some unique pieces or accessories to your wardrobe to make an individual statement?

  • Get your own personal stylist to help you. Choose between:


    • Meet the stylist through a 30 minute Skype/FaceTime-meeting. Here you will establish what it is you want to achieve, budget and what will look great on you.  
    • The stylist will research different webshops and designers and handpick a selection of clothes and/or accessories for you. She then makes a personal styling-breef for you; including the selection of recommended items and your existing wardrobe.
  • BUY
    • You will then receive an email with direct links to the selection with the personal styling-breef. You are now ready to order the items you like from the selection. 

500 DKK


    • Meet the stylist face to face or through Skype/FaceTime to establish what it is you want to achieve, budget and individual goals. The stylist will then curate your personal style. 
  •  SHOP
    • The stylist goes out and shop for you based on what you established through the meeting. Afterwards you meet up with the stylist and try on the clothes and accessories. You'll get an introduction in how you should style the new items with your existing wardrobe. Then you choose what you want to keep, and the rest get's returned by the stylist.
    • OR
    • You and your stylist goes out and shop together based on what you established through the meeting. You get to try on the clothes and accessories right away, while the stylist guide you in how you can style it. You decide what you want to buy or not. 


2000 DKK - 4000 DKK