Meet the craftsman behind For Holding Up The Trousers ; Morten Vestergaard. He is a shy, sassy and know is craftsmanship. His suspenders are made from high quality material from England and Sweden, and the buttons are hand made by his mother. Learn more about the brand and the talented designer here…

Why suspenders?
To begin with I wanted to be the next Steven Spielberg, but I found out I needed to do something where I could control the whole process and production myself, I saw “There Will Be Blood” and thought, suspenders, eureka!

Who are you designing for?
Myself! If there’s something I feel I need, I start thinking about how I can make it and if I can make it better/different/more interesting than what’s already on the market. I’ll try to think the whole process through before I draw or make a samples. But sometimes an unsuccessful sample sparks an idea for something completely different I didn’t know I needed.

If your brand was a music genre, which would it be and why?
Hip Hop – something produced today with a lot of old school samples.

Describe the man you see wearing your brand
Hmm… Men who are into heritage clothing and who appreciate good quality products manufactured by real people.

What is your brands strongest qualities?
It’s a mix of high quality materials and detailing in the design.

Witch movie character would wear your brand?
Daniel Plainview or Donald Duck, at least if he wore pants, I think the lack of a cartoon version of my suspenders is the main reason he doesn’t wear pants.

Describe your favourite material to somebody who is blind. 
It is soft, oily and durable.

If you had not become a designer, you would be?
I would try, and fail, becoming a musician and then work nine to five at an office somewhere.

How does your profession affect your way of dressing?
It’s the other way around for me, I started FHUTT because of the way I was dressing and the brands I was into, I wanted to add something in the same aesthetic.

You are a type tool, what are you and why?
My strap cutter, it’s the best tool I own, it’s cooler than me, but I strive to cut the best straps in the world.

If you could pick every man in the whole world, who would you like to represent your brand?
I’m gonna call for gender equality and say Carrie Fisher, she’s super cool.

Who’s your muse and why?
My best friends, they are good at testing and giving feedback.

Witch brands besides your own do you usually wear?
Tender Co. is my favorite, I interned for William Kroll when I lived in London, he taught me a lot of things, he has a beautiful simplistic approach to designing and choosing materials.

How do you drink your coffee?

Your signature drink/cocktail?
High on booze, low on ingredients, gin and tonic for instance.


This is a picture of Morten’s father many years ago. Morten have now made a replica og his fathers old belt. The belt is very soon available on Dap-per’s web shop!