Martin makes you believe in time machines and the fact that he was born and raised decades ago. With Martin, nothing happens by coincidence. The cologne matched the outfit and the coffee cup should have a saucer. In the presence of this dapper man, you unconsciously stand up straight and chat loosely at the same time. His style may be sharp and straight up, but as a person, Martin is polite and lively. Read more about this timetraveller and find out who his teenage crush was as well as which type of food truck he would open.


Martin never goes anywhere without his handmade comb and pen.

During your teenage years, who was your celebrity-crush?
In my earlier days I was convinced that I was going to marry Yasmin Bleeth from Baywatch, I had a huge crush on her.

The song that always get you up from the chair and makes you dance?
A song that always get me out on the dance floor is definitely The Roots – the Seed (2.0) , a brilliant track that just makes me happy.

What’s your favourite ’90s video game?
Sensible Soccer for Commodore 64! I played it in every recess at school through the 90’s.

Who would play you in a movie?
Oh, that’s a hard one! I think it should be my good friend Ruben, I’m convinced that he could play a good “me”. If it had to be a known actor, It would have to be Rasmus Bjerg; people say he is my illegitimate father and I just think he is super cool.

If you and your closest friends had a food truck, what type of food would you make?
If me and the boys where to open a food truck, we would be selling burgers and draft beer. We love a good burger! Every time a new burger joint opens, we have to test it and we are very devoted to who’s making the best burger. Therefore, it would be natural to open a burger truck.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing you have and are still using?
I have this very special bowtie. It’s this quite thin wool string, that you tie like a normal bowtie. It’s a bit bigger than a normal one, but it’s so dapper. I believe they used to wear them like that in the 20’s. I bought it in London in 2011, so I guess it’s the bowtie and a pair of Red Wing boots from 2012.

Stylewise; which animal are you?
I believe I’m an elephant, because my style stands out and you’re noticing it; like the “elephant in the room.”

Describe your style with just two words.
I choose to describe it with only one word; timeless. Regardless of what direction the trends are heading; I will always be able to do my thing and wear what makes me feel confident and comfortable.

Your favourite outfit from 8th grade?
My favourite was definitely a grey, cotton turtleneck, a brown, suede vest with a silk/satin backpart, a pair of dark grey chinos and a pair of Dr. Martens boots with a silver front. I loved that outfit! The problem with it was that I couldn’t play football in it, so I did’t wear it that often.

Your three favourite brands?
1. GANT  2. Drakes  3. Oscar Jacobson

How do you pick your accessories?
I pick them based on my outfit, because I use them to complete my look. I believe that the accessories is what makes the difference and it’s a huge part of my style.

What made you start wearing jewellery?
What made me wear a necklace, was football players. All of them I looked up to used necklaces and that made me want one to and I’ve used it ever since. Although, it’s not allowed to wear a necklace when playing football, so that’s the only times I take it off.

Which accessories have you not yet dared to wear, but wish to start wearing?
I’ve always wanted to wear an oldschool ring. The problem is that I don’t want to by a cheap one, because it gets worn out to quickly. On the other hand; I don’t want to buy a really expensive one, because it would be a waist of money if I didn’t get it used. If not a ring, then a cane! I’m a big fan of “the old days,” and back then, dapper men used to walk with a cane, even though they didn’t need it.

What accessory do you see yourself wearing both now and in 10 years?
I always wear a watch, a necklace and a hat. If I change my style in 10 years, those three things would still be a part of it. I’ve always worn it, and I always will.

How much time do you spend on grooming yourself in the morning?
I really don’t use mush time on my grooming, because I have my routine and I already know, from the evening before, what I’m going to wear. Unfortunately, I don’t have a beard, so I think I spend 10-15 minutes.

How is your grooming routine? 
I get up and take a long warm shower. Then I apply some moisturiser for my face, which is a big necessity I think. It doesn’t have to be a particular brand. Next step is blow drying my hair before I put some Old Spice under my arms, and a cologne that matches the outfit of the day.

Your “can’t-live-without”-grooming product?
Definitely cologne/parfume! This is an essential for me and I think I have about 15 different senses. The parfume has to match the outfit that I’m wearing. Like when I’m all dressed up in a suit, I want a heavy sense so I smell like a man.

How do you drink your coffee?
When I’m at home or at work, I always drink black coffee from a cup and saucer. As mentioned earlier; I’m a fan of “the old days,” so a saucer comes with it, and it just looks classy. When I’m out in cafés, I like to drink Cortado.

How do you eat your steak? 
I want my steak medium rare, that’s how I like it.