Laj looks a bit like a humble rebel, whitch reflects his personality quite good. This dapper man is a sucker for disco, mango sorbet, and had some weird teenage crushes. Learn more about Laj and get inspired by his style and accessories…

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You’re a scoop of ice cream, which taste are you and why?
A mango sorbet. Don’t know why, it’s just my favourite.

What’s your favourite ’90s jam?
I honestly can’t choose. I don’t have a favourite jam like I don’t have a favourite movie, book, dish etc. It depends on my mood and how I’m feeling in the situation. I’ve got quite a few favourites if you can say so?

If you and your closest friends where a dance group, what type of dance style would you dance?
Disco, disco, disco! It’s all wicked, funny and sensual at the same time.

During your teenage years, who where your celebrity-crush?
Hm… I don’t know really. I think I had some weird teenage crushes. Like Olsens wife, Ellen, in the danish tv-series from the ’70s called Huset på Christianshavn. And maybe Lise Rønne from Boogie tv.

The song that always get you up from the chair and makes you dance?
Almost anything after a few pints. But I think that the biggest guilty pleasure I have is Justin Timberlake. And disco!

If you where to start up a new magazine, what would it be about and why? 
It might sound like a cliche but I find the mix between music, art and architecture as a never ending topic/history. There’s a ton of magazines out there about these topics for themselves, but I’m more interested in the crossovers of those three.

What is the latest track you chose to listen too?
I just bought the latest Nicolas Jaar album, which I listened to this morning, so I think that’s got to be it.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing you have and are still using?
Well, it’s not my oldest piece of clothing but definitely my best. A couple of years ago I met a man in Bangkok who called himself Robin. He had a small illegal clothing shop on the street right next to my hotel. He was selling second hand clothing which he had made unique by painting on it. I was in Bangkok four times that month, and had a beer and a chat with him every time I was there. When I said I was about to leave Thailand for a long period, he offered me his unique biker jacket for one last beer with me. Now it’s the most precious piece of clothing I have and I’m still wearing it at least once every week.

Stylewise; which movie character are you?
A mixture between James Dean and Charlie Chaplin, I think.

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Describe your style with just two words.
Timeless and personal. I’m not into trends at all. I think it’s way more interesting if people dress like their personality.

Your favourite outfit from 8th grade?
Oh shit. I think I was trying to blend in at Ungdomshuset as much as possible. I don’t think we should dig deeper into that, haha.

What have been your biggest fashion-fail?
Same answer as the last question.

Your three favourite brands?
Yohji Yamamoto, Asger Juel Larsen, Acne.

What is your favourite accessory?
My friend’s mother’s wedding ring.

How do you pick your accessories?
I like accessories that contains a story. It makes it way more personal.

What accessory do you see yourself wearing both now and in 10 years?
Definitely watches. I feel more naked only wearing clothes and no watch, than only wearing a watch and no clothes.


Which accessory/accessories have you not yet dared to wear, but wish to start wearing?
My grandmother always wore shitloads of rings and all of them were with blue stones in them – it pretty much looked like a “punk granny brace knuckle”. Lately I’ve been thinking about doing the same ting, with the same classic granny rings.

How much time do you spend on grooming yourself in the morning?
Not enough.

Your “can’t-live-without”-grooming product?
Bleu de Chanel. I’ve tried to change it a few times, but I’m always coming back to this one. And Rhassoul which is some kind of marrocan clay.

Describe your grooming routine?
I wake up, take a shower, shave every second day, and then I use an Aesop aftershave. Moisturizers and all those kind of things only happens in the weekend.

How do you drink your coffee?
As black as possible.

Your signature drink/cocktail?
A “sæt”. A Carlsberg beer with an Arnbitter on the side. If fancy: a caipirinha with less sweetener than usual.

How do you eat your steak?
I haven’t had meat for many years, so I don’t know.

Laj’s shoes are from Dr.Martens.