Meet the chameleon, Kristian, who overeat himself on Viennetta ice cream as a child and have a huge thing for sunglasses. Not only is he a dapper man by appearance, but really openhearted and gracious in movement and manners.

You’re a scoop of ice cream. Which taste would you be, and why?
Haha, that’s a difficult one. I’d probably be a scoop of Vanilla, with chocolate flavour. No particular reason, that’s just my favourite.

What’s your favourite ’90s food?
I will always be under the belief that being a child in the 90’s is unparalleled to anything that we have experienced, or will experience. The movies, the music, and the cartoons. Everything in that decade is just nostalgic. That goes for the food as well. The sustenance you were able to get in that era was just uproarious. From the green soda “Urge” to “Ring Pops” lollipops, food was just fun. Growing up I ate so much Viennetta ice cream it’s ridiculous. That would probably be my favourite ’90s food, though I feel like I am leaving out things that would without a doubt be honorable mentions.

If you and your closest friends were a band, what type of music would you play?
Hmm, I think we would play something that would be a mix of jazz, blues, acoustic rock and pop.

What can be bought today and still be worn in 10 years?
Sunglasses! They’ve been worn since forever, and I’m pretty sure they won’t go out of style anytime soon.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing you have and are still using?
I actually have a lot of old pieces in my closet. I do really try to shop timeless pieces that I can use for some good amount of years to come, so I’m able to save money in the long run. (Though the whole saving part is not really working out. I constantly find that certain timeless item I want, and eventually end up buying). But if I have to pick one specific item; it would possibly be an old, dark grey, Selected Homme, trench coat, which I’ve had for about 8 or 9 years.

Style wise; which animal are you?
I’d maybe be a chameleon, because I change my sense of style from day to day. One day I’m wearing boots, ripped jeans and a biker jacket, the next I’m wearing dress pants, sneakers, a shirt and a hat. I’m really not true to one specific style.

How do you personalise your style?
With sunglasses and a cool jacket. For me, a cool statement jacket is always something I tend to go for, whenever I shop, or when I put an outfit together. You can wear boots, jeans and a tee, but if you put on a jacket that stands out, whether that is color, tailoring or print, you will automatically stand out from the crowd. The same goes for sunglasses. When you wear a pair of sunglasses that has just the perfect shade or color, you know that you will look anything but ordinary.

How do you pick your accessories?
I am definitely not a big accessory guy. I mostly wear a watch, and then I’ve got myself a Triwa bracelet, in silver, that I’ve grown really fond of. I’ll occasionally wear a necklace. If I wear an accessory, it’ll be one or two accessories at a time. That’s it. When I pick an accessory, it will be something that either stands out, or gives the outfit a different dimension.

Describe your style with 2 words.
Different and timeless.

What has been your biggest fashion-fail?
Being concerned with what I wore throughout the end of elementary school and high school. My classmates constantly pointed out what brand I should wear, and they were not shy to tell me if they didn’t like my choice in clothing. (I’ll admit it wasn’t my best years). I guess it was for the better, because now I wear whatever the f*ck I want, and don’t care what other people might think of it. Everyone should have that mindset. If you like it, wear it.

What are your three favourite brands?
First of all, mentioning only three is difficult because I wear so many different brands, but since I have to; here it goes:

Thom Browne: His design is just so effortless. I’m particularly a fan of his sunglasses. I only have one pair so far (the prices for his sunglasses are insane). But the ones I own have just the perfect balance between subtle, and a “look-at-me-I’m-cool”-vibe.

Acne Studios: It’s practically impossible to go online or into a store and not find something you like. They also have those cool statement jackets that make you stand out, like I mentioned earlier.

Won Hundred: For the last couple of years, I’ve really become a huge fan of this brand. Classic colours and timeless pieces that can make anyone look cool. My trashed denim jacket and my camel coat are two of my all time favourite items.

How much time do you spend on grooming yourself in the morning?
So many people think I spent at least a half hour getting ready. Why is that so? On the contrary, I’m always running late. I’m so slow at getting up in the morning. I’m not exaggerating when I say I press the snooze button on my iPhone at least 5 times. So I usually end up having as little as 10 minutes for grooming. That’s also one of the reasons why my closet is super organised. I need to know where everything is, so I minimise the time I literally have to run to work.

What is your “can’t-live-without”-grooming product?
I need a good moisturiser. I have extremely sensitive skin that dries out from basically anything. Whether it’s the cold weather or simply just washing my face I need something to combat the dryness.

How do you drink your coffee?
Black – Preferably in a Starbucks cup on my way to NY!

What is your signature drink/cocktail?
G&T – Although I drink almost anything. I’m not so picky when it comes to drinks.