Kenneth is a tall, blond, dapper dane. He is gracious in is movement and humble and kind in his way of being. And he’s always well dressed. By being consistant to a specific silhouette and style, he manage to have a personal style. Kenneth is not the type that wears a lot of accessories, instead he mixes up prints, colors and glasses. 

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
I remember, from design school, that I identified most with the properties of the color yellow which represented fun, joy and spontaneity – all things I appreciate in life and work.

You are a type of drawing tool, what are you and why?
A magic marker, because I have a bad memory, so I would have to mark everything in order to remember it.

What’s your favourite 90’s jam?
Ziggy stardust by David Bowie, Man on the Moon by R.E.M or Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. I still listen to them occasionally, and they bring up a lot of good memories. I think it’s the memories attached to them, that makes them special for me.

What were you like in high school?
Went to a pretty liberal middle school, so when I started high school I had long hair and only wore military inspired second hand clothes and partisan scarfs.

What can be bought today and still be worn in 10 years?
Most items really – a lot of the items that we see every day, has been around for a long time. My advice, if you’re wanting to buy items that’ll last for a long time, focus on the cut and fabric/color, meaning; go for a timeless cut that suits your body, in a quality fabric and in a color that’s season-less.

What’s the oldest piece of clothes you have and still uses?
A pair of navy high waisted Day Birger et Mikkelsen woolen trousers, with waist adjusters. From back when they were still doing menswear.

Style wise; which superhero are you?
Guess I would be someone like Iron Man, since I have an armor/outfit for many different occasions. Missing the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist part tho’!

How do you personalize your style?
I dont really personalize my style through that many accessories, more through vintage shopping, which i’ve been doing since my high-school days.

How do you pick your accessories?
I think alot about the wardrobe that i have at home, and base my purchase of accessories on the items that i already have in my wardrobe. That way i know i wont end up with two of the same items and i’ll know that i have at least a few looks in my wardrobe that this accessorie works with.

What have been your biggest fashion-fail?
In my years of growing up, i was moving from one fashion fail to another – mainly due to not thinking about style enough myself, instead going with every trend that was thrown as me.

Your three favourite brands?

• Gucci after Alessandro Michele has been spectacular.
• Louis Vuitton does an always outstanding menswear collection.
• Burberry since fall ’15 has been a show to look out for.

Describe your favourite material to somebody who is blind. 
It’s the softest, lightest and smoothest material you’ll ever touch.

Does the fact that you live in Copenhagen affect your way of dressing? 
I think we’re affected by the environment around us less and less, and a lot of people are starting to look outside of Denmark, through blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram for style inspiration. Also with growing presence of online shops, we’re able to get pretty much any brand we want.

How do you drink your coffee?

Your signature drink/cocktail?
I’m more into wine really.