Not long ago Alexander Janco was wearing a suit, working in finance. But the dapper man had an urge for something else. He quit his job and started making jewelry for men and is now the master mind behind Bobby Janco. He designs masculine, simple and aesthetic jewelry, inspired by his grandfather’s Airforce One ring. 

Get to know the former businessman and his confident brand here…

Who are you designing for?
Men! Not a specific type (fashion wise) but for the men who cares about the detail.

What is your brands strongest qualities?
That we focus on men. Too few jewelry brands do this if you ask me. I think our designs manage to be extremely relevant today while still being timeless, so you can use them for the rest of your life, no matter what fashion dictates. To me it’s important to go for timeless designs instead of trendy designs, which is also why I have found a lot of inspiration in traditional mens jewelry. Another strong quality is of course the quality you get for the price.

Describe the man you see wearing your brand.
It’s hard to describe what he looks like because he could be anything from a musician to a business man, sailor jerry or high fashion. To me, wearing a ring or another piece of jewelry does not require that you have a specific style of fashion. I would rather describe him as a man who cares about the detail. Who is not afraid to stand out. Who is authentic and knows who he is. Who is curious and aware.

Which superhero would wear your brand?
Tony Stark (iron man).

Describe your favourite material to somebody who is blind.
I have really started to like silk lately. I don’t wear it as much as I would like to, but when I do, the feeling of silk touching my skin is like when a mild breeze hits my face on a warm summer day. No better feeling.

If you had not become a designer, what would you be?
I would open a restaurant. Solid food, good wine and drinks. Nothing too fancy. I would work the floor and welcome all guest with open arms – make them feel at home. I like to entertain guests. I like the role of the host.

How does your profession affect your way of dressing?
I’m inclined to say that it doesn’t or hasn’t. I have dressed the way I dress for a long time. Even before I entered this profession. I usually dress appropriate to the situation or my job but I always like to add my own personal twist to it. When I had a job that required me to wear a suit everyday, I would wear checked suits in multiple colors, flannel or linen suits when everybody else would wear classic black or navy blue suits. I generally like to mix and match a lot. If you took a look inside my closet you might think that a schizophrenic person owned this wardrobe. You will find silk shirts, flannel suits, linen shirts and suits, denim vests, Hawaii shirts, overalls and a lot of black and white t-shirts. But I like to think that I put it together in a nice way. I think my jewelry collection is the only thing that have changed considerably. It is not large enough to make women jealous.

If you where a type of drawing tool, what would you be and why?
I want to say a pencil because that’s what I use when I design all my jewelry. I am not sure a pencil describe my personality though. So maybe I’m an old school pen with one of the colorful feathers sticking out.

If you could pick any man in the whole world, who would you like to represent your brand? 
Justin O’shea. No words needed.

Who’s your muse and why?
Not sure I got one. My girlfriend was a big inspiration in getting started and i owe her a lot of credit for inspiring me to take the final jump. My granddad is a great inspiration for wearing and making rings. He was in the US Air Force and has been wearing his US Air Force class ring his entire life without taking it of once. And now he can’t get it of anymore. It has become a part of him. As a kid I always thought his ring was extremely fascinating.

Witch brands, besides your own, do you usually wear?
I don’t really wear any other jewelry brands beside my own. The jewelry that I have that is not my own design, are from various vacations around the world and are all found on markets and are of no specific brand. I had a hard time finding something I liked, which was one of the main reasons I started to make jewelry myself. When it comes to clothes I don’t have a go to brand. I like to try something new all the time.

How do you drink your coffee?
In all shapes and sizes but usually black filter, espresso or a cortado.

Your signature drink/cocktail?
Margaritas. I love tequila! Everything beautiful and nothing good comes with tequila at the same time.