Dap-per have teamed up with the guys from All At Sea and made you a little guide on how to personalise your style by using silk. 

Benjamin and Christian chose silk as their main material because they wanted to incorporate silk in their everyday wardrobe. They noticed it was a neglected material in the mens fashion industry in Denmark. They saw this as an exiting and fun calling, and agreed to take it.

All At Sea about silk
“Silk is a natural material that has the amazing ability to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. This makes it an ideal material to use in Scandinavia with it’s dark winters and warm, bright summers.”

“Good quality silk which is being well looked after, can last up to 30 years and more. This depends on what type of silk you have to do with. Twill silk, which we mainly use, are very durable if treated properly.”

Silk provides an edge, self-confidence and class to a look.

“We recommend not washing our products in the washing machine. Silk should be dry cleaned or washed by hand. The reason is, that the products is made in a natural material and therefore gets damaged by our modern washing machines. If you choose to wash silk, use a short- / silk-program with low centrifuging, and no warmer water than 30 C°.”

All At Sea suggests…
If you’re not used to wear silk, the guys suggest you to try wearing it as a neckerchiefs or a scarf. “You can also take it further and try a silk shirt to a pair of jeans or casual trousers. The most gentle way to integrate silk into your wardrobe, would be to try some knitwear in silk.” All At Sea makes a silk/cashmere-knit that is soft and comfortable. This way you will discover the good qualities, that silk provides and then you can move on to more “daring” silk choices, the boys add.

On the questions on how you can use silk in a masculine way, they reply: “You can start with using a silk scarf along with a nice tuxedo.”

How to wear it:
To give you a push in the right direction, Dap-per have made som examples on how you can use silk as an accessory and personalise your style. Thank you Rasmus for modeling! (All of the clothes used in the pictures is from Rasmus’ own wardrobe, so if he can implement silk in his wardrobe, you can too…)

Tie a neckerchief or a pocket square around your wrist for a casual and cool look:




Use a long scarf with your everyday outfits. A plain t-shirt, jens and a coat… You can buy one here!




Be bold and slip on a pair of silk loafers:




If your wearing a suit to work, a wedding or something else; a pocket square is a dapper addition to the look.Get one in the web shop!  Here is two ways to style it: