Dap-per has teamed up with hatter Peter Hornskov and made a guide on hats and how to start wearing one. Peter makes hats for a living and has his own brand together with his wife in Copenhagen. He is convinced that everyone can wear a hat.

“A hat can give every look that last finishing touch, bringing your look to life, giving it character.“

How to start wearing a hat
If you’ve never worn a hat before, Peter recommends starting out with a hat with a low profile and a narrow brim. This is because this type of hat is usually the type of hat first timers feel the most comfortable with.

When it comes to what types of hats suit different head shapes, Peter says: “Sure some hats will look more proportionally right for some faces, but you really have to try them on to determine whether or not they suit you.” He thinks that the most important thing to focus on when you are choosing your hat is how it feels and if it feels right for you. “It comes down to what you want the hat to do for you. It needs to complement the way you feel about yourself.”

Finding your size:

  1.  Take a measuring tape and place it around your head, slightly above the ears and in the middle of your forehead, with the tape held fairly closely to the head.
  2. Take the tape measure off your head, ensuring you have a way of recording the total length of your head’s circumference
  3. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string or cloth to measure around your head and then check the length of what you used with a ruler.

You can also drop by Peter and get the exact measurement of your head, both in size and shape, with this measuring device fra the 18th century.


The Classics
There is a hat for every occasion. The top hat for the full evening dress, the homburg and the bowler for when you want to show off, the fedora for the everyday businessman and the flat cap for the working man and the newsboy.


The hat
Peter gives you a short history lesson about the hat:

People have always worn headwear, but the felt hat as we know it today became popular in the late 1800s. The fedora, which is probably the most common felt hat today, was originally worn by women, but became popular with men in the 1920s.

Most hats used to be made from fur felt, either rabbit or beaver or a blend of the two. Not though, with today’s throw-away society, people want things for cheap, which usually means poorer quality. For hats, this means using a cheaper material, such as wool or sometimes even cotton or polyester. This is probably what most hats are made of today. The kind of hat you would buy at any given fashion store. Finer hats however, are still made from the same higher quality materials, rabbit and beaver. Generally if a hat is cheaper than 1000 kr., it is not made from a high quality material. That doesn’t mean though, that any hat priced higher than 1000 kr. (~$113.50) will be. I have often seen high end fashion stores selling hats of really poor quality at ridiculous prices.


Tobias and Kasper shows you an example on what type og hats they should wear; based on their look, style and personality. 

Tobias is wearing two different Fedoras. The fedora compliments his face, hight and personal style.

Kasper is wearing two hats with a high profile and with a wide brim tall and slim. This is because Kasper is really tall and has a personality that like to stand out and he is feeling comfortable wearing a hat.