We have had a lot of dapper men on the site throughout the last couple of months. To sum it up and make it easier for you; here is a simple guide to show you how to use accessories and personalise your style.


Both our working men and dapper men are big found of rings. Here’s a selection of their rings and the rings you can find on the web shop:



They have also been wearing bracelets in different styles, get your own from the shop:

Necklaces can be a fun or personal accessory. Troels have picked his girlfriends first letter and Rasmus have chosen a more eye-catching piece. In the  shop you can find some alternatives for your own neck:

Ties and tie bars have also been worn on Dap-per. The guys have shown you how you can wear ties in a casual way, so you can implement it into your everyday outfit. Get inspired and check out all the ties and tie bars  on the shop.

Pocket squares and scarves can take an outfit from 1 to 10 in a split second. Dap-per’s men have shown you how:
Find your own favourites in the web shop:

Our dapper men have also shown a big variety of footwear, nothing is to casual or to preppy on Dap-per: