Martin is a dapper chap and the man behind Barberians. Barberians deliver high quality grooming products, and was the first brand in Denmark that delivered a full barber-serie. Learn some basics about grooming from the hard working entrepreneur…

Describe the man you see using your products
Our products cater to all men – with or without beard. Regardless of your beard style, our wide range of products got you covered! However, we do see the barbarian of Barberians as a masculine man, who is elegantly wrapped – just like our products.

Which 80’s superstar would use your products?
George Clooney for sure. An elegant gentleman who has played a number of masculine roles. He is a man, who has taken well care of himself and his looks.

What are your brand’s strongest qualities?
Barberians brings all the traditions and values of old Copenhagen back to life. We are very proud of having our products produced in Denmark. Our products are of the highest quality and we have a full product series for men, taking care of everything from skin to beard and hair.

What are the two most important grooming products a man should use on a daily basis according to you? 
The most essential grooming products are a proper shaving cream and a good aftershave, as this helps to protect your skin and beard the most.

Where would you be if you had not started Barberians?
Probably busy with a different entrepreneurial adventure. I have always had a passion for start-ups and creating something new – taking chances in life.

How does your profession affect your grooming?
I have acquired a significantly greater insight into grooming and which products are good for me. I put great effort into treating my skin and beard as it deserves.

What is your favorite type of grooming product for your own use?
I have always preferred the old-fashioned safety razor. However, if we talk grooming products, I like our face cream and aftershave the most, as it is both suitable after shaving, but it can also be used on a daily basis even if you do not shave.

If you could pick every man in the whole world, who would you like to represent your products? 
Leonardo DiCaprio because of his huge success and his elegant style. Johnny Depp or Cillian Murphy are also good candidates, thinking about their performances in Public Enemies and Peaky Blinders.

Which other products besides your own do you usually use?
In terms of shaving and grooming products, I actually just use my own. Over the years, I have used several fragrances such as Tom Ford and different pomades and hair wax.

How do you drink your coffee?
I can drink it in any way, but if I have to be honest, I prefer it with a sweet touch to it.

Your signature drink/cocktail?
Whiskey, ginger ale & lime – a very simple, yet tasty drink. Works every time!