Mads Hancock is known for his Adidas-pants and white t-shirt, and have not changed style since high school. He has this laid back attitude and cockiness that shows in his style and appearance. Mads is cool, easy going and doesn’t let his work affect his way of dressing.

Mads partnered up with his friend Kasper Spacey in 2015 and founded the PR agency RICH & HANC. AGENCY. They represent brands such as The North Face, Han Kjøbenhavn, Kappa and Newline Halo. RICH & HANC. AGENCY covers sales in Europe & The United States with more than 450 partners across the mens and women wear premium segment. The company is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Describe the man you see wearing your brands.
It’s very difficult and an old stereotype to “Try to describe”. In the end, consumers are wearing the brands that we carry in our agency. The boundaries are not that clear any more and we see all sort of people wearing our brands. This is good since it shows that our brands have a great diversity and will not go out of style anytime soon.

Why did you choose to represent several brands?
It makes it more fun and more safe to run an agency with more brands. This enable us to reach a broad portfolio of retailers and end-consumers as well as not being financially dependent on one brand.

What is your brands’ strongest qualities?
The DNA.

What’s the oldest piece of clothes you have and still use?
I would say either a Vinatge Juventus Football jersey from the start 90’s or some North Face Jackets from the 90’s as well.

Witch superhero would wear your brands?
No idea.

How does your profession affect your way of dressing?
It doesn’t!

If you had not become a agent, you would be?
I have no idea, since I sort of just stumbled into the industry straight out of the Gymnasium (High School) – Maybe a car-mechanic.

How do you drink your coffee?
Instant coffee or coffee to-go.

Your signature drink/cocktail?