The two geniuses behind the danish menswear brand All AT Sea are so alike, but still so different. They combine the creativity of an architect with the strategic mind of a banker. This must be the reason why they actually accomplish to make men wear long, pastel colored, silk robes in broad daylight. 

Meet the two men, Benjamin and Christian, who want’s to make silk masculine…

The two designers are designing for what they call “the Modern Nordic Gentleman”, but points out that he basically could live anywhere in the world.

They see the simplicity in the silhouettes of their styles, as the brand’s strongest quality, in addition to their prints. “And of course that we only work with 100% pure silk. The only place we use another fabric is in our knitwear where we blend silk and cashmere,” the boys adds.

Describe the man you see wearing your brand?
Benjamin: He is confident and a true modern gentleman.
Christian: Every man!

Witch superhero would wear your brand?
Benjamin: I think I have to go with Bruce Wayne/Batman. The only superhero that is also a gentleman. On the big screen I probably prefer Christian Bale’s version of him.
Christian: It is probably not a good idea to fight in our clothes, but I could also see Mr. Stark or Bruce Wayne wearing it for a dinner party.

If you could pick any man in the whole world, who would you like to represent your brand? 
Christian: I would love to see Bill Gates in it.
Benjamin: Benedict Cumberbatch! No doubt about that. To me he is a sharp looking gentleman with an impeccable style.

Witch other brands would look good combined with your brand? 
Christian: It depends on what look you are aiming for. I think our pieces are versatile and you could easily wear one of our silk shirts on the beach, with some Orlebar Brown bathing shorts, or if you are wearing a suit from Caruso, you could combine it with one of our silk scarfs.
Benjamin: Perhaps items from Gucci‘s Men’s AW16 – I love the daring new look.

If you had not become a designer, you would be? 
Benjamin: I’m a part time Exhibition Architect at Statens Museum for Kunst (The National Gallery of Denmark). I would probably be pursuing that full time, if we had not founded All At Sea.
Christian: A Banker.

If you were a type of drawing tool, what would you be and why? 
Christian: One of those old school pens where you can change the colors.
Benjamin: A Muji gel pen – they are simply the best.

How does your profession affect your way of dressing? 
Christian: Not much, we don’t have a uniform we have to wear, compared to if you worked in a firm.
Benjamin: After I started working with fashion, my choices have become less trend orientated and more focused on timeless pieces.

Witch brands, besides your own, do you usually wear?
Benjamin: My basic-wear brand is Uniqlo. But besides that, I wear some Acne, a bit of Lanvin, and a lot of cashmere from People’e Republic of Cashmere.
Christian: It changes a lot, but I always wear a watch, my favorite is from IWC.

How do you drink your coffee? 
Benjamin: Black or a cortado.
Christian: Black and strong in the morning, with a bit of milk in the evening.

Your signature drink/cocktail? 
Christian: My wife always orders an old fashioned, so I try to go in a complete different direction. I usually order something fruity with an umbrella, just to make the bartender confused… and because I really like fruity drinks.
Benjamin: An old fashioned – always!

How would you style an outfit from your latest collection, for a dapper man?
We would probably put him in a crisp white dress-shirt with a spread collar (top button open), round cuffs just visible under our Classic Blue Wave Dressing Gown. Velvet navy dress trousers and our Petroleum silk slippers. Pre party with an Old fashioned in your hand.