The duo behind the danish brand; AN IVY, is not only well dressed, but also humble and openhearted. The two men are working with a clear vision for their brand; challenge “the classics.” If you’re a tie-virgin, these two gents will take good care of you. Read more about AN IVY and find out who’s having a big crush in Don Draper and who’s getting grooming inspiration from “The Great Gatsby.”

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Who are you designing for?
Nikolaj: For what we call “The everyday-man.” It can be for everyone, but I personally love the thought of being the go-to-brand for a young gentleman, who is about to buy his very first tie.
Alexander: All men. From the young first-time-tie-buyer to the experienced tie user. The only common denominator is that they love ties with some edge.

What is your brands strongest qualities?
Nikolaj: Our ability of rethinking the classics. Essentials with a modern twist as we call it. No rocket science, but still you can see the care for details.
Alexander: We design ties and other mens accessories with a contemporary and often youthful twist. Especially ties can sometimes become very conservative and boring. We want to create a completely different image. A tie is a power item and we think that we have created a universe that reflects that in the best and most stylish way.

Describe the man you see using your brand
Alexander: As mentioned above, we have many different users of our ties. But what’s important is, that they like our edgy ties, and then it’s good if they love the preppy look.
Nikolaj: A man who knows the value of a well-chosen detail. It’s that very last touch that can add a whole ‘nother dimension to your outfit.

Which other brands would look good combined with your brand? 
Nikolaj: I really like what the designer Alexandre Mattiussi is doing with his brand AMI. He creates pieces that most will find appealing, but they still has his strong DNA in it. His oxford shirts and knits is a personal favorite that can easily be integrated with our stuff.
Alexander: Gant Rugger is a winner!

If you could pick any man in the whole world, who would you like to represent your brand? 
Alexander: Eddie Redmayne or Nick Wooster, I think.
Nikolaj: Jon Hamm (the man who plays Don Draper in ‘Mad Men’). I have a huge man crush on him, especially because – at least what I know of – he is the direct opposite of Don Draper and yet he makes one of the best performances ever on TV.

If your brand was a car, which model would it be and why?
Alexander: I’m really not a car guy. So I’ll let this be up to Nikolaj
Nikolaj: Porsche 911 – old school version of course. Just beautiful.

Which movie character would wear your brand?
Alexander: In my opinion, the most iconic movie ever is The Talented Mr. Ripley. And I would have loved to see our ties on both Dickie Greenleaf and Tom Ripley.
Nikolaj: Mr. Gatsby played by Leonardo di Caprio. If I am allowed to add “character from a series” I would say Mr. Don Draper from Mad Men or Mr. Harvey Specter from Suits. Love those!

If you had not become a designer, you would be?
Nicolaj: An actor.
Alexander: Besides my job at AN IVY, I am a fashion writer on the some danish magazines. I love that mix.

How does your profession affect your way of dressing?
Alexander: During the last couple of years my profession has affected my style a lot. Most importantly, I love to wear ties but it doesn’t necessarily has to be with a blazer. I love the casual twist on the classic menswear wardrobe, which means that I mix my ties with workwear jackets, sneakers and bomber jackets.
Nikolaj: It really doesn’t, at least that’s what I tell myself. Of course I wear a tie more than most men, but I did that even before founding AN IVY. I just like the feeling of being well-dressed, especially in the weekday. When it’s weekend I prefer being a bit more casual.

How does your profession affect your grooming?
Nikolaj: It doesn’t, I just do me. But I like things that smell nice.
Alexander: Another movie that inspires me a lot is The Great Gatsby, and that movie really affects my grooming. Always side parting hair and a little moustache.

Which brands besides your own do you usually wear?
Alexander: I love Acne Studios, Raf Simons and of course Gant Rugger.
Nikolaj: Gant Rugger is a favorite and has been for a long time. Likewise, the Danish brand, Armoire Officielle, and AMI as mentioned before.

How do you drink your coffee?
Alexander: Black.
Nikolaj: Espresso. After living in Paris for a while I turned to the French way of drinking it.

Your signature drink/cocktail?
Alexander: Old Fashioned.
Nikolaj: Espresso Martini, no doubt.