Jeppe is the classy, well-mannered craftsman behind Leatherprojects. His dapperness shines through in his use of heavy accessories and his personality. His working from his workshop and showroom in Copenhagen, where he is making all of his products by hand. Learn more about Leatherprojects and the elegant working man here and find som of his es in the shop.

Why leather?
I have always loved the look of aged leather and the versatility of the material. It’s taken me a long time to find just the right type of leather for our products. Something that takes on a very nice patina and gets even better and more beautiful with age.

If leather was an instrument, what instrument would it be?
It would have do be a drum. It’s one of the earliest know musical instruments.

Who are you designing for?
It used to be just men, but we’ve started to broaden our product-rage and now also do women’s bags and accessories.

What is your brands strongest qualities?
There is a strength in minimalism and a simple, honest product. No need for big logos or flashy knick knacks. That is something our customers really appreciate.

Describe the man you see wearing your brand:
A Young-ish male that is fashion forward but also favour things like quality and craftsmanship

If you had not become a designer, you would be?
Depressed, most likely.

How does your profession affect your way of dressing?
It has definitely made me a lot more quality-oriented.

You are a type of tool, what are you and why?
At the moment I would have to say a Swiss Army Knife. When you’re running a small company you can’t just have one function. You have to do everything from production to marketing, web-design and cleaning the workshop floors.

The glamour of being self-employed 📸🎉🍸🏆

Et billede slået op af Jeppe Dencker (@mrdencker) den

Witch brands besides your own do you usually wear?
For me it’s not about a certain brand but about the quality. if I had the money, I’d have my entire wardrobe tailor-made.

How do you drink your coffee?
In large quantities

Your signature drink/cocktail?
I like it simple. A good glass of portwine or a G&T