Meet Billy Dill! He’s a menswear designer from LA and he is the definition of coolness. His style is relaxed, casual and masculine, just like his personality. He is one of the designers behind Brand Black. Brand Black is a menswear brand, designing sportswear for the everyday life, focusing on new and innovating fabric. 

Billy’s muse is David Bowie and if he hadn’t become a designer, he would be a pirate. Read and learn more about Brand Black and the curious man…

Who are you designing for?
An active man… Not traditionally athletic per se but a man who isn’t complacent – he travels, takes care of himself and is active in all aspects of his life.

What is your brand’s strongest qualitiy?
We are obsessed with details, from using technical, unexpected materials or blending old ideas with new innovations to create a “contemporary classic”.

You are located in LA, how does that affect your design?
Yes – Los Angeles is the perfect place for a brand like ours… It has mountains, beaches outdoor courts – the weather is perfect so you’re always outside and active.

Describe the man you see wearing your brand.
He has confidence and style.

Witch superhero would wear your brand?
If you asked me this say 10 years ago, the answer would have been Iron Man (maybe it’s the facial hair thats throwing me) – I guess it’s Batman or Iron Man… They are both intelligent, innovative and sexy with dark sides but good hearts.

Witch other brands would look good with your brand?
I like the idea of juxtaposing Brandblack with vintage pieces or “found” one offs. Our contemporary materials play well with old military pieces that we are obsessed with. We are constantly nerding out on tech materials and features. I love the usual suspects – Arcteryx Veilance, Stone Island. White Mountaineering has an incredible way of mixing lo fi with hi tech. I also was really impressed by Black Rabbit JP and the materials they were using in their garments – very next level.

Describe your favourite material to somebody who is blind.
There is a material called Dyneema. Its lighter than paper and is so strong it needs to be cut by a laser or ceramic scissors and is used in suspension lines and body armor.

If you had not become a designer, you would be?
A pirate!

How does your profession affect your way of dressing?
It allows no real restrictions… I think you get a pass compared to say a Banker or Doctor… You dress too casual in those professions you may send the wrong message where in fashion you can wear a black t-shirt, jeans and sneakers one day and a proper suit the next… Depending on how I feel, which is the way I like it.

You are a type of drawing tool, what are you and why?
I prefer working with the actual material / or garment. There is a tactile element that I love and helps me with draping, etc… Obviously hand sketching is my favourite way of expressing it (for your information I suck at it but get the point across) and I use illustrator a lot.

If you could pick any man in the world, who would you like to represent your brand?
Miki Dora… He is the quintessential anti-hero – He was a total rebel (and a pretty big asshole), but he injected a sort of punk rock spirit into surfing when it was being packaged as a beach boys type of scene. I love that.

Who’s your muse and why?
David Bowie for the perfect way he could recognize and capture ideas that weren’t necessarily his but could reinterpret them his own voice… I also wish I had Stanley Kubrick’s attention to detail but alas.

Witch brands besides your own do you usually wear?
Jeans APC new standard for the last decade… LVC or Ralph Lauren blak tees. My staple white shirt is Agnes b, its perfect. These are obviously very simple which is what I personally like. As designers go I love Yohji, AnnDemeulemeester, Rick Owens… There is true art and creative expression in their collections.

How do you drink your coffee?
Cold brew dash of cream or espresso both no sugar.

Your signature drink/cocktail?
I love beer, Im pretty specific though – not a Corona guy… I’m currently having an affair with Mescal but haven’t broken up with bourbon yet.

How would you style one outfit from your Spring/Summer ’17 collection?