Meet Kevin; a polite, lively and dapper brit. He’s a buying merchandiser for the dansih brand Norse Projects and have a BA in Spacial Architecture. Kevin does not like London and coffee, but he does like women and a Rolex Datejust II. Learn more about Norse Projects and Kevin here…

Have you notices how the printed shirt make the clean look more lively? And notice how you can switch out the all-black-outfit with for example; blue.

Describe the man you see wearing your brands
I am going to say, 34-year-old industrial designer, possibly a father of two, lives in the city, wears our classic Anton Oxford with our tailored Thomas wool pant and a pair of Birkenstock Londons. He is conscious about the environment, a nature guy you could say. His optics are Moscot and he rocks a 5am shadow no shorter. To finish off, he wears a Rolex Datejust II, to stay on time and just because it is my favourite watch.

Why did you choose to represent this brand?
For me having worked with Norse at my previous job I was always pumped up by the product and I still am. When the opportunity arose to work for Norse I had to take it because it felt fitting.

What is your brands strongest qualities?
I believe Norse is strong at creating products that are not only universal but also timeless and classic. Norse is not for just this guy or that guy, I feel that there is something there for everyone and it is unto them to style it in their own way. The man makes the suit, not the other way around.

Witch 90’s hip hop crew would wear your brand?
The Beastie Boys! Their style was pretty laid back and classic, never try hard!

How does the fact that it’s a Danish brand, effect the design?
One thing I feel effects the design of Norse is for sure the Danish/Scandi roots, with such a strong historical roster of great Architects and Designers I feel a certain sensibility is instilled within everything that is conceived within any of the design studios here in Denmark. Also, I find the Danes have mastered the art of taking inspiration, filtering and producing.

How does your profession affect your way of dressing?
Funny enough, I initially thought I would be buying a lot but I have been buying less. I would rather spend that little bit more and know that I am getting cost performance. My style has gone from extremely crazy and experimental to clean and considered. With travel, I tend to pack less, and comfort plays a big part in my dress style. Also, I am constantly learning about brands and their histories, one thing that plays a major part in my decision making, I like the originators!

What’s the oldest piece of clothes you have and still uses?
My oldest piece of clothing is a pair of Levis Vintage 1954 501 jeans bought from Selfridges in 2006, I bought them raw and they have aged beautifully over time, they have been tapered, shortened and even patched up at the seat from my years of riding fixed gear. I feel like these jeans tell a story and I love the for that.

If you could pick every man in the whole world, who would you like to represent your brand?
Alive or dead? I would say Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, I feel like his work and philosophy encompasses what Norse Projects is about from my own angle. His modernist aesthetic is perfectly aligned with what Norse does. His works were very ahead of their time, aesthetically pleasing but at the same time extremely functional.

If you had not become a Buying Merchandiser, you would be?
Having graduated with a BA in Spacial Architecture I’d probably say an interior designer of some sort, maybe a product designer? I’ve always been fascinated by ideation and creation. I like solving problems/finding solutions.

How do you drink your coffee?
I must admit to not being so fond of coffee, but when I do grab a cup it is always a decaffeinated Flat White with no sugar and something sweet on the side, an old time classic!

Your signature drink/cocktail?
Old Fashioned!

A classic: Converse!