Dap-per is a platform created to inspire men to personalise their appearance and style. Trough interviews, guides and styling services; they will get the tools they need to become a Dapper man.


Dap-per's focus is on helping you to find your personal style, not to follow the trends. We want to introduce you to dapper men in a way that makes you get to know them more personally. This way, you can be inspired by a likeminded. By bringing you the working men, we want to introduce you to brands and products that have a high standard of quality and uniqueness. And to make it even easier for you, Dap-per have handpicked some of the best brands in one shop for you. In this way, you can read - get inspired - be guided - and shop; all in one place. It doesn't get easier. 

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Behind Dap-per is stylist and creative consultant Elisabeth Bye Martinsen . With her expertise in mens styling, she guide and inspire men to personalise their style and appearance to become a Dapper man. Trough www.dap-per.com she introduces dapper men from around the world that can be an inspiration for other men. 

Elisabeth Bye Martinsen is a norwegian born fashion stylist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a wide range of experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry after being working freelance for several years. Elisabeth Bye Martinsen has been working for record labels, fashion brands, production companies, fashion magazines etc. from several countries. In the earlier days, she assisted several well established danish stylists, while she took an AP-degree as a Design Technologist at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. On top of this, she has a titel as Fashion Consultant from The Image Academy in Norway and a long list work experience from the fashion industry.

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